Mysuru is a popular place in the myths, legends, history as well as in the text books. The district was world famous at all the times. Chamundi hills and Saraguru hills have a few hill ranges which makes Mysuru a cool place. Sandal wood along with other high quality wood yielding trees grows in the district. In Kannada language it is called Srigandhada beedu which means the home for sandalwood. 
Statue at Chamaraja Wodeyar Circle
Mysuru is the city of palaces as many of the palaces that belonged to Mysore rulers and Tipu Sultan at one time have become the major attraction for visitors today. Located 140km away from Bengaluru, the city is well connected with good transportation facilities. Train and bus services are common. But the nearest airport is at Bengaluru.

Mysuru taluk: All the places of interest have their own stories to tell. World famous Amba Vilas place is in the heart of the city. It has many famous mythological related temples within the fort. There is a museum just behind the palace. Elephant and camel ride is an enjoyment. Jaganmohan palace has the art gallery known as Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery. Other palaces within and around the city are five star hotels today.

Kukkarahallikere that belongs to poets and emotional minded people is near the Mysore University. A morning refreshing walk and the boating in the evening hours is a must at the place. Museum at the Jayalakshmi Vilas palace is nearby.
Vrindavan Gardens Mysuru
St. Philomena Church is a very popular place visited by people of all religion. Two tall towers each 75 feet high, built in Gothic style is the highlight of the church. Mysore zoo also known as Jayachamarajendra Mrugalaya is spread across 100 acres with more than 200 birds and animals is a beautiful place. It is seen just 5 to 10 minutes walk from the Mysore palace. Tuesday is a holiday for the zoo. There is vehicle facility for those who find difficultly in walking on the wide spread area. Karanjikere nearby is the historical lake and it is centuries old, spread across 90 acres of area. It has been developed just like the Ooty botanical garden. The islands, butterfly park and birds are heart throbbing. At the edge of the lake there is a nature science museum. Monday is a holiday for the museum. Karanji Vilas palace is near the lake.
Mysore Palace
Family diety of Mysore rulers, Goddess Chamundi resides at the Chamundi hills. Dasara celebrations start along with rituals at this very point. There are a thousand steps that challenge the visitors. But the cool breeze refreshes the mind. The demon Mahishasura statue and the big bull, Nandi are worth watching.

Bannimantapa in the city has Balbhavan for children entertainment. There is a small train and toys for children to play. Hand made crafts; dance and music etc. are encouraged and trained at the Balbhavan.

Dhwanyaloka at the end of Bhagodi road, tombs museum Madhuvan at the start of Mysuru-Nanjanagud road, Gun house in front of the palace, sandalwood oil factory near railway workshop are some more places to visit in the city. 

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